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Nov. 19th, 2019

Coffee, Please, and a Shot of Cynicism.

As time goes on, you’ll understand.
What lasts, lasts. What doesn’t, doesn’t.
Time solves most things. What time can’t solve, you have to solve by yourself.

What do I find in a dark moon?
Well, let’s see.
—Soul searching.
—Prayer & magic.
**“In stillness, I find grace”.

Nov. 18th, 2019

I Often Think the Night is More Alive Than the Day.

Tomorrow is the last day for Story Time until I don’t know when. I feel bad for not taking Carlisle this time around, not even once. He hasn’t gone since the summer. Hopefully I can get him there in the morning.
Usually this time of year my hands are all cracked & bloody, but not this year. Surprisingly. I had a coupon for Curel, which I never used. It’s not my Lubriderm that I like, but it’ll do until I run out. I had a coupon for Jergens In Shower moisturizer, which I don’t use in the shower & I don’t like it. It’s too greasy. I don’t go for that.
I had a Hot Gondola from Pizza Joe’s for lunch today. It was yummy, like always. In Carlisle’s words, you might hear him say, “Mmm, good”.
I found this band on Spotify called Alkaline Trio. They sound a bit like Blink-182. It’s not too bad, though.
I made it to work with 3 minutes to spare this morning. The one road I take to get to 422 (one of the major highways in the county) only has a stop sign, which makes it hard to make a left hand turn. I sat there for literally almost 5 minutes waiting for someone to make that left hand turn. There’s a turning lane in the median, the person could’ve turned when no one was coming the other way & sat in the median. In fact, that’s what I did when it got to be my turn. They really need a light there. With all the taxes I pay, it’s not like Pennsylvania can’t afford to.
Carlisle had an off day today. He started getting fussy around 10:30-11 this morning, so I thought maybe he was getting hungry. He only ate the pears of his lunch, not the sandwich & cucumbers. Ok, so I thought maybe it was a nap he needed. Nope. I got home to find out we were having chili dogs for dinner. He ate those & a couple apple slices. He’s been sleeping since 8:20p, in bed since 8:55p. Last night wasn’t exactly the best night. I’ve had worse nights. Here’s to hoping tonight is better since he had daycare. That’s been helping a lot to help create a nap & bedtime routine.

Get Better & Be Noticed.

Signs You Need a Break:
—Losing interest in things you’re usually passionate about & bring you joy.
—Short temper & easy to provoke.
—Taking everything personally.
—Constant overthinking.
—Emotionally overwhelmed.
—Always exhausted & tired.
**Take care, friends. Take a break.

We’re Really Just Stars with People Names.

I’m working in Portersville this week, minus Wednesday. This building is 3-4 minutes closer to my house than the Slippery Rock site.
I’m off tomorrow, which I plan on taking Carlisle to Story Time in the morning, then to Cranberry to get his flu shot at the pediatrician at 2. My shoulder has been hurting since I’ve been sick, so I’m gonna call the chiropractor & see about getting in while I’m already down there for Carlisle’s flu shot. Hit 2 birds with 1 stone.
I was supposed to be off tomorrow & Wednesday this week, but just tomorrow since Carlisle has a doctors appointment at 2 in Cranberry. I’m working in Portersville all week, but I’m filling in in Slippery Rock on Wednesday & that happens to be picture day for the kids. I have a form filled out for Carlisle to get his done & I almost forgot about it until my boss texted me asking me if I could fill in up there on Wednesday & it was picture day.

Just Some Paragraphs....

Magic is the empowerment & the acknowledgment of our own divinity & mastery of the universe, making us rulers of our own lives. Everything we create in our mind’s eyes will be manifested in our life when we accept the fact we are not & never have been ruled by circumstances but through the ability to see the signs & patterns that lead is forward on our path & soul journey.

Dreams are the windows to our soul & other dimensions of reality. When we’re dreaming, not only do we tap into our subconscious, but also our Akashic Record where we’ve stored knowledge & experience from our ancestors & many more lifetimes. If you think your sleep is just for your necessity for your physical body, you should try to understand what sleep & dreams are for your mind, soul & Higher Self.

Nov. 17th, 2019

Late Night Thoughts.

Intimacy isn’t just experienced through sex. It’s crying together. It’s whispering late at night. It’s talking about growing up & what used to scare you. It’s going places that remind you of your childhood. It’s feeling each other without actually touching. It’s exchanging energy.

It’s Okay to Cry When....
—You feel sad.
—You feel happy.
—You feel upset.
—Your day sucks.
—You’re overwhelmed.
—You’re angry.
—You’re grieving.
—You’re hurt.
**For any reason you feel like crying, really.

Cold Mornings in the Sun Shadows.

Ugh. I don’t know what got into me yesterday but I started my Christmas shopping. I don’t even like thinking about it until after Thanksgiving. I’m gonna order it off the website, as much as I don’t really care for the idea, since most of it most likely won’t be in the actual store. I ordered myself a couple books off of Amazon last week & I won’t get them until next week. That’s all right, I’m in no big hurry. I have 2 more chapters in the one I’m reading at the moment.
I had an itch to go to the flea market this morning when I got out of bed. Usually when I’m itching to go, I usually find something. I was in & out between 12noon. Today I found a couple things for me & a few things for Carlisle. Ever since we went on vacation & took Amtrak, he’s been into trains. For whatever reason, he’s really into buses, too. I found a couple Thomas the Tank Engine movies & a Chuggington magnetic train book that I picked up for him. I really love Charlotte’s Web after watching it once at my friend’s house when I was 7. I managed to find the original 1973 movie on DVD & the 60th Anniversary of the book. All from the same person, too.

Thirteen Isn’t a Bad Number.

Thirteen (13) Reminders:
—The past is the past, focus on the future.
—Opinions don’t define reality.
—Everyone’s journey is different.
—Time is the essence of healing.
—Judgement is a confession of character.
—Overthinking will lead to paralysis/sadness.
—Happiness is an inside job, found within.
—Positive thoughts create positive outcomes.
—Smiles are contagious.
—Sprinkle kindness, it’s free.
—You only fail if you quit or you don’t try.
—What goes around comes around.
—The quicker you choose to move forward, the quicker the suffering ends.

See the Possibility, Not the Problem.

Assertiveness Looks Like This:
—Saying no to the things you don’t wanna do.
—Telling people how you feel.
—Sharing your honest thoughts about experiences.
—Responding in the moment.
—Instead of talking to other people, talk directly to the person you’re having issues with.
—Making your expectations clear upfront & not expecting anyone else to figure them out.

Nov. 15th, 2019


Want a Clear Mind?
Clear all the Interweb tabs except for the one you’re using.
Delete all of your text messages.
Delete negative people from social networks.
Throw some things away. Just throw them away.
Tidy your desk. Make a blank space.
Drink three (3) glasses of water.
Open the curtains.
Wash your face & brush your teeth.

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