You Might Not Wanna Miss....

Not to be missed events in December:
—December 13:

Geminid’s Meteor Shower.
(100+ meteors/hr.)
—December 16:
Comet 46P/Wirtanen.
(Visible to naked eye.)
—December 21:
December Solstice.
(Shortest day of the year.)
—December 22:
Ursids Meteor Shower.
(Last meteor shower of 2018.)

Blue Light Garland.

There was an app I had on my old Windows phone about 5 years ago that had different laws of all the 50 states. I wish I remembered the name of the app. It was quite interesting.
**However: I heard that its illegal go have an elephant as a pet in North Hills. Who’d want a pet elephant? Not me!

The moon smiled, the star twinkled.
But both are envious of your stardust soul.

When it’s all finished, you’ll discover it was never random. Someday you’ll look back & understand why it all happened the way it did.

Scratching Trees.

“Have you ever smelled a smell & it brought you back to a happy moment from your childhood? I’ve always loved that.
I hope that’s what death is like, just sitting on a cloud smelling smells.”

Flowered Nails.

Just a few things for healthy mentality...
—Every time someone asks you to do something, ask them if they want fries with that.
—Finish all of your sentences with “In Accordance with the Prophecy”.
—Don’t use punctuation.
—Five days in advance, tell your friends you can’t mwke it to their party cuz you’re not in the mood.

Glowing Visions.

Life Hacks #2449:
12 fat burning foods consists of grapefruit, watermelons, berries, hot peppers, celery, Greek yogurt, eggs, fish, green tea, coffee, water, oatmeal.

Know this:
Some people just won’t hear you no matter how much, how loud, how truthful how loving or how profound you speak. Wish them well & just let them go.

Bees Without Stingers.

This weekend is gonna be close to the 50s weather wise, some rain on Saturday. I guess some of us Pittsburghers better take it to our advantage & do outside decorating.
I took Carlisle to see my grandfather on Sunday, who’s been getting confused on anything & everything these days. Side effect of the cancer, I’m thinking. His PCP gave him 6 months. He called my dad Saturday to say he had a meeting with 3 doctors who said 2-3 weeks, which to find out, is not true.
Sunday night into Monday morning sometime I had a dream I was back at the call center & I went into the bathroom to find 2 co workers in there fiddly farting around, one doing the other girl’s hair. The next dream was I was back at the car dealership & I went to the bathroom to find that I was supposed to put furniture back in a room I never knew existed. I asked 3 people that weren’t there when I was & 1 who was. I guess I ate too much before bed.

“Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination & life to everything.” —Plato.

Remember that you’re water:
Cry. Cleanse. Flow.
Remember that you’re fire:
Burn. Tame. Ignite.
Remember that you’re air:
Be still. Focus. Decide.
Remember that you’re Earth:
Ground. Build. Give.

Prism Universe.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve read or heard recently?
—Being at work during a 3 hour power outage, an older couple came in the store & the old man goes, “It looks like we’re shopping without power in here.”, in return his wife replies, “How romantic.” I had to chuckle & tell him that’s most likely the funniest thing I was gonna hear all day.

There are so many fruits you haven’t tried yet, so many beautiful songs you haven’t discovered yet, spices you’ve never even heard of & intriguing conversations you haven’t had yet.
There are oceans you haven’t felt yet & plants you haven’t seen.
There are books you’ve never read & souls your heart hasn’t touched.
This Earth is amazing & beautiful.

Vocab Correctness at Its Finest.

Because Monday comes out of nowhere & hits you like a Mack truck, here’s a little something to start your Monday off with....
Don’t use a word when it’s singularity unloquacious & diminutive linquistic expression will satisfactory accomplish the contemporary necessity.